California Medicare

California Medicare Supplement plans work together with Medicare to reduce your medical costs you pay out-of-pocket. The best Medicare Supplemental insurance in California offers a range of coverage. These policies come in ten different letter plans. To enroll you must sign up for Part B of Original Medicare and be at least 65 years old.

California Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Part A and Part B pay about 80 percent of medical cost. It helps pay various percentages of the balances, depending on which policy you choose. Medicare is available for citizens who receive Social Security benefits. Disabled persons are eligible for Medicare two years after the date that their disability began, as declared by the Social Security Administration.

Remember that spouses who are younger than 65 need private insurance to cover them until they are also eligible for Medicare. Even if you are in excellent health now, this may change as you age. Carefully consider what Medicare pays, and then consider all the options available among Medicare Supplement plans in California.

California Medicare Supplement Under 65

California does offer certain supplement plans to those Medicare beneficiaries under 65 years old as long as they don’t have ESRD, the letter plans offered are A, B and F. Please keep in mind that the rates will not be the same as those older than 65.

California Medicare Birthday Rule

The California Medicare birthday rule allows beneficiaries to switch their supplement plan or carrier during the first 30 days after the insureds birthday. Unlike most states, in California you’re allowed to switch carriers within 30 days of your birthday. To qualify you must be a California resident, currently be enrolled in a supplement plan, be within 30 days of your birthday and switch to a plan with lesser or the same benefits.

Do I Need Supplement Insurance

If you are covered by an employer-provided health plan that works as a supplement to your Medicare benefits or if you receive Medicaid, you don’t need to buy an additional policy. Otherwise, purchasing a Medigap plan in California to protect you financially from high medical hosts is highly recommended.

Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance

There are no premiums charged for Medicare Part A. The U.S. government provides this coverage for free to eligible citizens. Medicare Part A pays for stays in inpatient hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and hospices. Under Part A, Medicare pays for in-patient semi-private (including nursing and other medical services) hospital rooms for up to 60 days. You will be responsible for the deductible. Part A pays for longer stays at differing rates.

Medicare Part B Medical Insurance

You must pay monthly premiums for Medicare Part B coverage. This coverage is a choice for each Medicare recipient. Premiums would be deducted from your Social Security check each month.

If you choose to carry Medicare Part B, your coverage will include:

Medicare Part B pays 80 percent of approved fees & you must be enrolled to be able to sign up for a supplement plan.

You have a choice of ten policies, identified by letters A through N. Each insurance company offers identical policies with these ten plans. While you will pay a lower premium, you will also receive fewer benefits. Our supplement experts can help you check each of these ten plans to find the right one for you. You can find more information on what medical services are not covered by Original Medicare here.



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