Tips for Medigap Success

A few quick tips to help you on your path to buying your Medigap Insurance (aka Medicare Supplement):

1. Be Honest.

Whether you are working with an Insurance Professional or independently you need to be honest.

2. Know Your Finances.

Although all policies are subject to inflation, each policy can become more expensive depending on the type of premium pricing the plan falls under. You should know what your finances are, and therefore you should know exactly what you can afford. You’d be surprised how many people don’t really know what’s going on with their bank account, so they either overstretch their money and wind up with a policy that they technically couldn’t afford, or they think they can’t afford more and sacrifice the coverage they really want for what looks to be (as of that moment) the lowest price.

3. Know Your Options.

Yes, if you’re working with an Insurance Professional they should know what your options are and explain them to you. But you, as the consumer, should still know what you’re buying. A curious consumer is the best kind of consumer, and it’s because they take the time to research what they are buying. They are not afraid to ask questions, and are ultimately able to find the best policy for them.

4. Ask Questions.

Do you know how many people buy a supplement plan without asking any questions? Too many.  We don’t want you to buy a plan that you don’t know everything there is to know about it. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! The better informed you are, the happier you will be with the plan you choose.

5. Get Help.

I know, I know. Generally speaking, cutting out the middle man is usually a cost saving technique, but guess what? Whether you purchase direct from an insurance company or purchase through an agent or broker your premium will be the same! Yes, it’s true! Plus we can help save you time and money by shopping the market for you, and with the knowledge experience that comes from years in the business we can help you make an informed decision.

Source: Tips for Medigap Success


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